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Mike Leon is a Minecraft Marketplace Content Creator, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Creative Director from southern California. Who has worked in various industries relating to his field. From Electrical Signage, Comic Books, Parade Balloons, YouTube Videos and Video Games.

Notable Clients

  • PopularMMOs (Water Lucky Block Race / Fortnite Lucky Block Race / Cloud Cat Lucky Block Race / Avengers Lucky Block Race /Dreams 2 Map / Never Listen to Herobrine)

  • Jelly, Slogoman & Crainer

  • NickNoClip & PrestonPlayz (Preston's Secret Island - release 7/4/2019)

  • BlackshoreMCN (Five Nights at Freddy's Roleplay for YouTube channel "Minecraft Story Roleplay" featuring xDarzethx)

Current Build Teams I am on:

  • LubCubs PopularMMOs build team

  • Team Blocksanity

  • Vertex Cubed

  • Vertex Creations

  • Jelly, Slogoman & Crainer Team

Upcoming Personal Projects

  • Secret Minecraft Marketplace Project


One of the most spectacular map makers around.

Mania Magazine - Australia


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